Webinar Improvement

You already know the basics of what it takes to produce a webinar. You have your web conferencing technology in place and you have successfully delivered online presentations to your employees, customers, or sales prospects.

But you can't help thinking that there might be things you could be doing to make your events even more effective.

Webinar Success offers consulting services for established web conference users like you. We will review your current materials, watch your presentations, and offer advice on how you can improve the preparation, promotion, and delivery of your events.

The services you select are completely customized for your unique needs. You may wish to take advantage of assistance in areas such as these:
  • Promotion of your event - including press releases, invitations, and advertising
  • Slide design and layout - including font choices, use of graphics, and color
  • On air delivery – creating a smooth and professional presentation style
  • Audience interaction - using polls, surveys, and feedback utilities
  • Showing live applications – how to make online demos and training more powerful
Many of our clients choose to let Webinar Success moderate their webcasts. A professional moderator supports both the speakers and the audience for an event. Structured rehearsals make sure all presenters are comfortable and confident in using the web conferencing software and knowing how the presentation will go. On air support includes introductions, instructions to the audience, dealing with problem situations, answering technical questions, recording the event, and providing backup in case of a dropped connection.

We are happy to answer questions about these services without subjecting you to a sales pitch. Just use our online contact form for a speedy response.