Webinar Support Services

Sometimes you don't need training, you don't need coaching, and you don't want someone telling you how to do things differently. You just need an extra hand to take care of the time-consuming details while you get on with your other tasks.

We get it.

Webinar Success is happy to come in as a virtual member of your event production team and work under your direction. We'll take care of all the little things you could do yourself, but don't have time for.

Here are some of the tasks we can take off your plate:
  • Scheduling events on your web conferencing system
  • Setting up registration pages
  • Editing presentations for typos and consistency
  • Managing registration change requests from participants
  • Creating event reminders
  • Writing press releases
  • Running event rehearsals
  • Moderating the session
  • Delivering registration and attendance reports
  • Recording your event
We understand that putting on webinars isn't your only job. If your online events are pulling you away from your other duties, let Webinar Success give you that extra boost of productivity you need to get it all done.

Use our online contact form to tell us what you need and we'll get back to you right away.