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Ken Molay, president of Webinar Success, has created a web log (or "blog") with his personal thoughts and opinions about key issues in web conferencing. This is a great place to pick up some free advice, share your concerns and engage in dialog about web seminars. Devotees of blogs are able to subscribe under Atom and RSS feeds for use in your favorite blog reader. If those terms are meaningless to you, don't despair... You have full access to a normal web page with everything laid out in an way that makes it easy to select journal entries, read comments from other visitors, or submit your own.

For access to the main web page for the blog, simply click this link.

For power blog readers, you can access the direct XML feed through this link.

If you would like updated blog entries emailed directly to your inbox, you can add your address to our automatic distribution list. This subscription feed is handled through the Feedblitz blog notification utility and your email address is NOT added to any marketing or contact database. Adding your name here will NOT result in any communications from Webinar Success other than new blog entries as they are added.