Presenter Training

Speaking to an unseen audience on a webcast or webinar can be intimidating and uncomfortable. Even people with training in how to give formal presentations in front of an audience may find themselves unsure of what techniques work best in an online environment.

Webinar Success delivers coaching and instruction specifically created for online presenters. We combine virtual classroom training with individual review and practice sessions to maximize the value to each student.

Your training covers subjects such as these:
  • Development of vocal skills to keep the audience focused and interested
  • Scripted versus improvised content delivery
  • Ways to handle audience questions (or lack of them!)
  • Working with other presenters in a seminar
  • Pacing and elimination of "dead air"
  • Special requirements for live demos
  • Time management
  • Using on-screen annotation tools to guide your audience
We also work with you to discover and eliminate bad habits and ineffective techniques in your own presentation style.

For more information about presenter training, use our online contact form to get in touch with us.