About Webinar Success

Ken Molay Webinar Success was founded by Ken Molay to meet the needs of marketing, sales, training, and support specialists who use web conferences to share information with the public and coworkers. With years of experience preparing and delivering successful webinars for companies such as Blaze Software, Brokat, HNC Software, and Fair Isaac, Ken saw a need for training and consulting services targeted purely on webinar technology.

Using techniques gleaned from two decades of high tech marketing, public presentations, and training, supported by experience in acting, voice work, and public speaking, Ken developed a curriculum designed to give busy professionals the skills and dedicated practice needed to more effectively create and deliver web seminars.

When you book services with Webinar Success, you get a customized program that matches your specific needs, delivered by Ken himself. One-on-one interactive sessions use telephone and webinar software to replicate the environment in which you will be presenting. No travel or in-office visits are necessary… Everything can be done on your schedule in the comfort of your own office.

With offices on the US East Coast, Webinar Success can work to your time constraints, with training scheduled to fit your day.