Recordings And Downloads

The following videos give very brief, high level tips on various aspects of webinar production, hosting, and delivery. They are intended primarily for people just getting started with webinars. Webinar Success offers more detailed training on all these subjects, with courses customized for your business needs.

A quick summary of the webinar concept and how to use these tips - 02m:17s

What you should think about before getting to work on your webinar - 02m:12s

How to design effective slides for your webinar - 02m:46s

How to stimulate interest in your webinar - 02m:44s

Using email to communicate with your webinar registrants and attendees - 02m:19s

Pointers on how to select the best day, time, and duration for your webinar - 02m:19s

A look at the interaction between presenters and moderators during your live webinar - 02m:11s

Ways to involve your attendees in the discussion - 02m:28s

Tips for showing live demonstrations during your webinar - 03m:03s

How to incorporate video clips as part of webinar content - 03m:15s

Considerations for using live video while presenting - 02m:36s

What to do once the live webinar is over - 02m:42s

The following documents give you additional information and insight about how you can work with Webinar Success.

Webinar Success Overview.pdf
A quick summary of Webinar Success services

Using A Moderator.pdf
An overview document on the benefits of using a moderator to assist with live webinars